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Investment casting

Investment casting is one of the most used processes in the production of castings with a high quality and finishing bothin small and large production batches.

The modern derivation of the ancient lost wax process. Wax models are made through the use of aluminum moulds form achining or electro-discharge machining. They will later be placedin special tanks containing thermo setting resins and micro ceramic granules. These two polymerize together, giving rise to an external coating which is able to with standthe very high temperatures associated with molten metals. In order to minimize the creation of micro porosity in castings, the so-called "shell making"or "Shell" is introduced into a high-temperature autoclave for the complete evacuation of residual wax, thereby obtaining a negative mould ready for the next operation. At this point, after suitably preheating the "Shell" or "Shell making", molten metalis poured into it and leaved to coolin an environment with a controlled temperature in order to avoid any metal hardenings. The external coating will be destroyed and risers will be individually removed before moving on to sub sequent machining or surface finishes.

Dimensions and production batches

Our company is able top roduce both small and large batches by managing our customers planningand by ensuringon-time deliveries. Melting dimensions can vary from a few grams up to 75 kg.

Manufacturing time of samples

EDR Fittings ensures rapid prototyping inless than 30 days supplied with detailed dimensional reports and material analysis. (For food use DM258 21/12/2010 Migration testing 10)

Advantages of Investment Casting ( Lost-waxCasting )

  • › Important cost reduction by getting a high quality and industrialized product.
  • › Possibility of making products with a complex shape and under cutina single piece by eliminating costly machining or welding.
  • › Precision melting withvery limit eddimensional tolerances.
  • › Flexibility of production batches without tooling costs.
  • › Blow equipment cost that is often depreciated already with the first production order.
  • › High quality surface finish and possibility of inserting your company logo or code direct lyon the melting.
  • › Possibility of meltingall materialswhile maintaining their mechanical properties.

Why should you choose EDR Fittings?

EDR Fittings outsources melting and machining on the Chinese market adhering to ISO9001 strict quality standardsset by DNV. Thanks to its fifteen years of experience in the melting industry,EDR Fittings has selected and built up along with it different ISO 9001 certified foundries distinguishing them by:

  • › melting dimension
  • › production batch quantity
  • › used material
  • › required finish
  • › melting process ( water glass, silica sol, sand casting)
  • › machining complexity

In this way, immediately after we have viewed your project,we are able to accurately assess which of our partners will ensure you a standard of excellence as regards quality and economic competitiveness.


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Investment casting process

See our video that shows how Edr Fittings carries out investment casting process........


Investment casting process

Investment casting process requires a series of steps, mostly manual operations, which makes its technology economically advantageous...


Lost-wax casting

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