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Investment Casting Prototypes

Luglio 2022

We provide investment casting prototypes by making waxes through additive 3D printing. Basing on a digital model, we make waxes for casting without the mold.
This solution is suitable for prototyping in small batches, thus reducing the high costs of molds during the initial phase of your project.

Prototipi microfusi Prototipi microfusi edr

Expo 2022

June 2022

The 20th edition of MecSpe ended on the 11th of June. This year we have seen a high turnout not only of new customers, but also of those who have an established partnership with our company.
For us at Edr Fittings it is a real honor to be considered a strategic and reliable partner for the development of investment casting and machining projects by leading companies in various sectors.

With commitment and strong collaborations with the best performing manufacturing industries in China. We managed to increase the volume of products which in the first 6 months of 2022, exceeds 65% over the previous year.
We thank all our customers who came to visit us at the fair. We will see you again with the same enthusiasm and passion for our work in March 2023, during the next mel MecSpe.